What are AkadomoRW (.RW)domains?

    “AkadomoRW” (i.e. a translation of dotRW or .RW in Kinyarwanda, the official local language)is the Country Code Top-level Domain of Rwanda. It is available to national,regional and international individuals, businesses and organizations with no restrictions.

    The AkadomoRW domain name conveys the Rwanda key cultural values such as a profound sense of dignity,self-resilience,development, service, and commitment to find solutions to our own challenges. In a nutshell, the .RW domain name provides value and significance to your entity.

    The AkadomoRW (.RW) domains names, as any other global domain names, provide a local identity and brand with a global reach.

    Who can register AkadomoRW (.RW)domains?

    Absolutely anyone. There are no restrictions on .RW registrations which means that anyone can register one.


    .RW Open to any organization, company and individual 12,000 Rwf
    .co.RW Commercial organizations 3,000 Rwf
    org.RW Nonprofit making organizations 3,000 Rwf
    .ac.RW Academic institutions properly registered in Rwanda 3,000 Rwf
    .net.RW ICT companies and network operators 3,000 Rwf
    .Coop.RW Cooperatives 3,000 Rwf

    Terms and Conditions

    The prices only apply to persons purchasing domain names only

    These prices do not apply in cases where someone wishes to get additional services like hosting, website development, web emails and web application.

    Why does it matter to be online and ownan AkadomoRW (.RW) domain name?

    The online presence, as one aspect of the Internet, allows individuals and businesses to exist digitally or to exist on the Internet through a domain name. For example, in the current era, a business can no longer depend on walk-in clients. It needs to attract more “connected” clients to its digital store. This can only be achieved when/if the business has an online presence. The same reason can be applied to other aspects of our lives: schools, health services, public services, etc.

    By adopting AkadomoRW domain names, you ensure to your business, organization, and institution, the ability to be reached and accessed by “virtually” any person in the world.

    AkadomoRW domain names stands out and presents the key cultural values of Rwanda, which is a unique and valuable digital identity and brand.

    With the growing digitization and Rwanda’s emphasis to nurture a service based economy it is the right time to have a vibrant online presence as an individual or for a business and organization there is no better way than getting AkadomoRW(.RW) domain name.

    The .RW extension offers businesses, organization and individuals in the Rwanda the choice, relevance and availability that is needed to gain a competitive advantage today. With the shorter, more memorable domain name will help define owners as part of the Rwanda online community.

    The AkadomoRW (.RW) extension provides a means to shorten your existing domain, creating a far simpler address for your visitors and stronger branding for you and your business. It gets straight to the point and clearly shows you are based in the Rwanda whilst also appearing more global.

    .RW registration is perfect for anyone based in the Rwanda and all over the world who wants to expand their current domain portfolio and attract more customers. With shorter more memorable names and the ability to show in an instant your site is based in the Rwanda, this will keep web users and businesses ahead of the curve.

    Your Brand is paramount to your business and organization by registering your AkadomoRW domain name, you would be securing your names and preventing cyber-squatters and unauthorized DNS changes from impacting your Entity.

    Having AkadomoRW domain name adds credibility to business. Having your own domain name and gives your company look professional.